Are Libertarians the only ones disappointed and distressed by the Town of Payson’s decision to proceed with building the splash pad for a whopping $687,000?

I mean, what does it splash, champagne?

The fact that a last-minute federal taxpayer subsidy of $207,000 rides in to rescue the project like manna from heaven doesn’t make this any less of a bloated boondoggle.

At this rate, how much will the much-ballyhooed new swimming pool cost we the taxpayers? How much will the new Granite Dells Park end up costing the taxpayers of the town?

Founding Father and American President Thomas Jefferson strongly advocated for a “wise and frugal government.” Libertarians say the Payson splash pad is neither wise nor frugal.

Larry Hoffenberg, Libertarian Party Precinct Committeeman, Northwest Payson District

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Jeff Robbins


418000 Project (207500k town budgeted item)

207500-10375(5% surcharge) =197125 grant reserve

Grant required Project manager = 100k

97 k balance grant reserve

Archeology monitoring =200k plus

Grant required archeologist


Grant Required site training

Grant required reports


special equipment

ADA compliance

Grant required Design review plan

The Grant stipulations will be more than the total award and slowdown timeline to build

Award -0 could be a 100k + debt or more

IF you increase the cost to accommodate this grant than you must increase the match it’s a 50/50 grant. In this case with the stipulations, it may very well turn a 400k project into a 600k project. In Courtney spawns report it clearly says: CONS – Accepting the grant would increase the cost of the project and delay build time.

I am not against the Splash Pad project it would be nice for the little kids. I am against the fumbled way this thing has been handled since Jan 2019.

Jeff Robbins

Payson Proud, Support the Payson splash pad and Transparent Payson must be a bunch of Democratic leftists or Elitist RINO’S. If you don’t vote there way you get called out or cancelled. That’s what they do in communist countries. Now their socialistic tendencies are out in full display. Back at the taxpayer trough to get there way. Drink up that big free munificent taxpayer subsidy. Thank God we have one true conservative on the town council protecting the taxpayers from elitist bloated spending. Jolynn Schinstock recommended people help themselves by fundraising like they did in Show Low and not be controlled by big government handouts. Why would anyone vote to spend taxpayers’ money on a fumbled project that has no plan, no know cost, and no maintenance plan? The only fiscally aware person on the Town Council deserves our respect for doing the conservative right thing.

Proverbs 6:16 - 19

Paul Frommelt

Larry, first of all, the town is not locked into a $600k agreement for a splashpad. Snowflake built theirs for $180. The former Payson town council buried the $200k project with $400k in wasteful, unnecessary PORK! The vote last week was only to accept the grant. The final bid still hasn't been accepted. And yes, the Mud Springs Project could indeed cost the towm Million, upon Millions of dollars, for a 49 year contract. The fact that they have already broken ground but still won't tell those who will be stuck with the bill how much it will cost says it all.

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