Still see no need for Firewise?


For those of you who still don’t see the need for Payson to adopt Firewise codes and programs, please take a drive down the Beeline. Like what you see? Do you realize how close the Bush Fire came to Payson?

It really doesn’t matter how much effort goes into revitalizing Main Street, or in fixing up American Gulch. And how many parents will bring their kids up to first play in ashes so they can then use a splash pad — even if it weren’t a good idea in this COVID world.

Can we please put some thought and maybe even money into getting Firewise adopted by this community? Home insurance rates are lower for Firewised properties. Your peace of mind will improve, and your home and possessions will be much safer. Your re-sale value will even go up.

Please, please take a good look at the landscape on the east side of the Beeline and then compare it with the west side which didn’t burn. Which do you want Payson to resemble?

Nancy Auner, Payson

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Phil Mason

Bruce, Would you care to document scientific evidence that a splash pad has ever been certified as a bio hazard?

As to Firewise, that is an important process that needs to be a focus of every property owner. The government entities - town, county, state, and school district - need to set the example. Then we need to educate the private property owners on the means and methods to firewise their property. If there is one thing we do NOT need, it is the heavy hand of government once again violating our Constitutional rights. We have suffered way too much of that this year already.

"If we give up Liberty for Security, we deserve neither and will lose both." Ben Franklin

Many suggestions have been made on how to make the Firewise program effective without using "the big stick". Unfortunately, none of those suggestions have been taken seriously and implemented.

As to your question, 26 miles from my house.

How much of your Constitutional rights and individual liberty are you willing to give up to an ever encroaching government?

Firewise is an important issue that the community needs to rally around for the betterment of all of our citizens especially the most vulnerable among us.

Bruce W Heffner

Nancy, you are so right! Who cares about a stupid bio hazard splash pad to waste water and bring big liability to a town that would be only a pile of ashes with realtors planting trees! The firewise program should be the single most important item on everyone's agenda.

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