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I’m writing to express my support for Sen. Allen continuing her excellent work as the chair of the Arizona Senate Education Committee.

Sen. Allen made factual and statistically accurate comments; the fact that birth rates in America (and all westernized nations) are dropping, and the fact that it statistically takes several generations for immigrants to fully “assimilate” to American culture/beliefs (which is an admittedly subjective definition as to what “assimilation” entails), are well-documented facts.

As someone who lived in Venezuela for a year and a half, it is a sad fact that most residents of MANY nations throughout the world are conditioned to believe differently about their governmental, societal, familial, and civic responsibilities, than we Americans are — sometimes in ways I personally think are beneficial (such as their family relationships), but often not (in terms of participating in and holding their governments accountable). My Venezuelan friends are greatly suffering now, in part due to that fact.

The irony of these two men lodging this complaint — instead of addressing existing problems within their own spheres — cannot be overstated. Sen. Quezada is the same individual who routinely introduces failed legislation encouraging KINDERGARTNERS to receive sex ed — at an age when they can’t cognitively process such information. (However, his endorsers at Planned Parenthood will be benefited eventually, as he encourages children to be sexually aware at increasingly younger ages).

Joe Thomas is known for berating the teachers’ union to push his #Red4Ed movement — or else. His efforts illegally facilitated our teachers abandoning our children for SIX days of classroom time a year ago, while using public resources to promote Joe’s politics. Even our reported “best” public school districts here in Arizona are only posting a 60 percent proficiency rate of students meeting the state standards on essential academic skills; I’d think Joe Thomas’ time would be better spent helping the teachers do their actual jobs — instead of collecting signatures to berate elected officials for factually correct comments.

Sadly, outrage culture rules our political discourse; but we Arizonans — and the majority of Americans — are exhausted by the nonsense. We have actual problems to come together to fix, yet Sen. Quezada and Joe Thomas are using their time and resources to bully others. Considering Arizona’s national rankings on almost every education-related measure, these men clearly have plenty of other issues they could prioritize, rather than target legislators to generate outrage for personal gain.

Jennifer Alvey

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Phil Mason

Great comments by Jennifer - and spot on for accuracy and opposed to the ad hominem partisan attacks filled with anti-american rhetoric. Thomas and Quezada are simply left wingtip socialists who try to advance their agenda by tearing down others.

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