Taking issue with previous letter


I take issue with the letter to the editor of 2/12/2021: “Trying to take power away from voters.”

The 1986 Immigration Reform Act by President Reagan granted amnesty to nearly 3 million illegals. About [only] one-third eventually worked to gain citizenship. While current law says that no undocumented persons can receive benefits, 87% do. Fact check all this please. I did when I wrote this just to be sure, but the results are what I expected. Those readily available articles [I’ll gladly provide the links] also opine that the primary motivation of these illegals was to gain benefits. And that would be from the largess of us who are citizens and pay taxes. And of course, that would indeed better their lives — which was the primary goal in the first place. I have a close relative who thinks that everyone should be able to live in America.

I suggest that for person to vote, they should be on the county voter rolls, alive, [18 I guess, but that’s questionable] and to vote in person, to possess a voter registration card or picture I.D. to match those rolls. If by mail-in ballot, it should include the voter’s signature and this should be verified on a 100% basis. If by an automated system — this verification mechanism shall at no time be turned off or inoperable. Each state should abide by their laws on a 100% basis. If any pending election laws seek to change anything, at least these fundamentals should be in place. Anything less makes no sense. Anything less makes the act of voting less important than getting a loan, a credit card, a home, a driver’s license, medical care or whatever you can think of that is a normal part of our lives.

The notion that the federal government can just print money in unlimited quantities is just funny economics. Economics is not a science. I studied the people that postulated that position 50 years ago. Somewhere, sometime, someone actually has to work, pay taxes and produce something.

Stephen Cantrill, Payson

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