Tea Party makes a splash on the taxpayer’s dime


The Tea Party affiliated members of your town council have made a not so transparent nor well thought out decision to spend nearly $400,000. Yes that’s $400,000! On a limited use splash pad for an aged community. Really!?

Anyone who has lived in Payson for any length of time is fully aware that the town is in dire need of a covered indoor aquatic area that can be enjoyed by everyone year-round. Students for a swim team, children for swim lessons and provide aquatic activities for seniors. A reasonable annual pool pass could offset cost and pay for maintenance.

How about we join the majority of the 21st century and provide a vitally needed covered aquatic area and not squander our precious tax dollars and our limited water resources on poorly planned Tea Party pet project that has limited use and staggering future maintenance costs? We are going to pay for equipment that sits around for nine or so months of the year unused.

Splash pads are fraught with disease. Bathing codes insufficiently address sanitation issues in spray parks. Cryptosporidium (crypto) has become recognized as one the most common causes of water disease within humans in the U.S. A crypto infection may be life-threatening. One child with a soiled diaper, pet urine, bird droppings or animal feces could poison all our children.

The use of potable water, sending it to waste or collecting it for re-circulation, is no longer acceptable by almost all health and safety organizations.

Staggering maintenance costs, health issues, filtration issues, a limited shelf life and limited seasonal usage make this a poor taxpayer investment.

Jack Hastings

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Jack Hastings

My hyperbole is based on simple research. You might take the time to do the same? A year round aquatic center would be in the best interest of everyone especially children .

Phil Mason

So, cite your research. Adequate research is not simple and deciding unilaterally what is in the "best interest of EVERYONE" takes upon yourself a level of omniscience that is above your pay grade. If you want to attract support for your position, simply give specific data. Also, it does not advance your position to single out a group for attack that does not have authority to implement any public policy. That makes your position look like a screed instead of thoughtful debate.

Phil Mason

You STILL do not list any viable statistics to support your position. I somewhat believe your continued statement that you have done "simple" research. I believe after reading your self congratulatory comments that simple research is an area that you would be most comfortable with.

Phil Mason

Other than hyperbole, do you have ANY documented fact to substantiate your screed? Many cities and towns across the country are going to Splash Pads. Your hysterics regarding Crypto do not even connect that disease to ANY Splash Pad. Did you want an all weather pool for your own use and are bitter that they did not take care of your personal wants?? I am a senior and would like an all weather handicap accessible pool also, but I am not willing to make irrational ad hominem attacks on the City Council if they do not make city policy to meet my wants.

Jack Hastings

More dribble from the head Tea Party trouble maker! Now your in charge of giving a $1,000,000.00 to a for profit cable company. How about get a bid first before you allocate the money for a splash pad the average is $500,000.00 and you have to hire a separate town employee to monitor it. Like all things Paul Frommelt it's not very well planned and thought out. The cable deal started out at $100,000.00 a year for 10 years. Now you adjusted it to slip under proposition 401 to $90,000.00 pretty slippery group there dude.

Paul Frommelt

Where in the world did you come up with a figure of $400,000? The original estimate of $180k was bumped up by $60k for water impact fees. The total proposed for next years "placeholder" is $280,000, and we were told last night By Deborah Barber that may be high!

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