The shame of it all


What I watched unfold in the US Capitol building on January 6 brings hurt, shame and fear to a new level for me. I am almost 70 years old and have never witnessed anything like this in the United States of America. Yes, we have had our moments, but to do what these “protestors” did in the name of patriotism and freedom has brought our country to a new precipice. I listened to the Senators speak eloquently that night as they voiced opinions about the objections to the electoral college count. How dare some of these elected people try to disenfranchise the thousands, if not millions, of votes that Americans delivered faithfully and trustingly on November 3?

Democracy is about the peaceful transfer of power from one party to another when elections are won or lost. Did the protestors think that they could really stop the progression of our Republic? Did they think that desecrating the Capitol would be the proper way to deliver their message? What is their message? Somehow I missed it as I cried and shook my head in bewilderment. The Constitution, which leaves little room for interpretation, is pretty clear on how this transfer of power will take place. I have discovered for myself amid all of this sadness that I am a Constitutionalist. We have the most respected document ever written in history as our guide. This was not the way to change it, nor the way to demonstrate the want of change. Wake up America, before it it is too late, and we find our country at the beck and call of extremists, from the right or the left, they do not represent ME.

What to do? Write your congressional representative. Often, with respect and clarity.

Valerie Loving, Payson

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Don Evans

Be afraid as you should be. Jan 6 is just the beginning. The self serving sanctimonious bureaucrats in the house, senate, and Govt. are going to receive many such visits throughout the country. People have finally realized there is no difference between Dem and Rep. The match has touched the fuse of realization that the system has been perverted by those who desire power over us. The good ol' days are long gone in DC. You need only watch and read the activities of the so called elites in Government. The peoples awakening is upon them now, brought on by their own years of lies and covert agendas. Stand bye, it's going to be a first class ride in 2021.

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