The kids fishing program was canceled over the weekend because of the new $500 fee. The mayor and the council gave little thought as to the impact of the $500 fee they’ve imposed on all events that take place in Payson. It’s kind of a ready fire aim situation. I’d like to see them all recalled for this blunder. It seems to be more of the norm rather than the exception.

The veterans hold a baseball tournament three times a year with all proceeds helping the vets in the area. That tournament is tentatively being moved to Flagstaff, with the proceeds for the vets and the revenue from the hotels going with it. Now it’ll be a lot of finger-pointing and backpedaling and I didn’t vote for that. Lets just recall all of them and start over with people that truly have the best interest of the town in mind. Lets not worry what party they belong to, they just need to all go.

Mark Davies

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Phil Mason

The new Town Manager imported from the left-wing-tip socialist governance ideology of Metro Denver is the conductor of the orchestra supported by the Higgins/Evans Four.

The people have the opportunity to change the script in eight months. Join the effort to make a difference. Go to Gopphi@aol.com for more information.

Dave Golembewski

Mark I’m on parks recs board and just heard of rising costs of parks recs fees. I heard of cancellation of fishing on radio Friday before the event . I don’t even think council knew . But I knew about the rodeo fees being raised and complained to council . We are fed no information on the board . It is ridiculous as they dumped 900 lbs fish in for the event . The Mayor heard about it same time I did . It was not discussed at council meetings. And instead of discussing removing me from board 3 meetings this would have been a better topic . I don’t know who raised the fees or why we even have a fee for a free fishing day for kids ?? Time for some reprimands to be handed out to others than just me 😂🤣 Yes I got one I can frame for My Frredom of Speech on board . 🇺🇸

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