They call us racists


When Democrats and their supporters can’t win a debate with a Republican, based on “facts,” they will call them a “racist.”

In a recent one-week period MSNBC called President Trump a racist 1,925 times. CNN topped that with a whopping 2,268 times.

These people quickly jumped to call the president a racist over his tweet calling out Rep. Cummings’ utterly false allegation that children in detention centers at the border were sleeping in their own feces.

The president’s tweet stated, ”As proven last week during a Congressional tour, the border is clean, efficient, well run, just crowded. Cummings district is a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess. If he spent more time in Baltimore maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous and filthy place.” There is nothing in this tweet that meets the dictionary definition of racism. Just straight forward “facts.”

Yet the racism claim exploded for about 24 hours — UNTIL, get this, video showing a former Baltimore mayor, who is black, touring that section of Baltimore saying, “Whoa, you can smell the rats” and “What the hell. We should just take all this down!” And then there’s video of Cummings in 1992 calling Baltimore a “drug infested area.”

Ouch! Facts hurt.

It continues; Bernie Sanders on video twice calling the neighborhood a “third world country.” And CNN broadcasted a story about the same neighborhood using language similar to the president’s to describe what they were seeing. Next was a PBS video called “Rat Film” that graphically showed the horrible living conditions in that neighborhood. No one called them a racist!

What the president was saying was; Hey, Congressman, if you want to see real feces, go to Baltimore and fix it. And, what happened to the $16 BILLION the government gave to Baltimore to fix the problem?

Sadly, the overuse of the word “racist” has even invaded local politics in the Arizona Legislative District 6 Senate race. The Phoenix New Times newspaper quotes Republican Senate candidate Wendy Rogers as saying, “I denounce Sylvia Allen’s very racist statement,” regarding incumbent Republican Senator Sylvia Allen’s reference to academic research about American birth rates versus that of South America, during a recent speech.

This rabid use of the word “racist” when none exists, is dulling the senses of the electorate and detracts from true racism. It needs to stop!

Gary P. Morris, chairman, Gila County Republican Committee

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James Wise

I apologize for using a space which should be focused on Mr. Morris' letter to respond to Mr. Mason. The President, not I, conflated Baltimore & border; I commented on it. Reference to lack of passion or answer was a self-criticism of MY comments as a re-reading will show. I think the Roundup does a wonderful and commendable job covering Payson; in my opinion they miss one now and then; I'm sure the paper is relieved and heartened by our expressions of support. I am sure Democrats also make bad arguments from time to time; you guys just lucked out.

Phil Mason

I never apologize for illuminating the nuances of an issue. The President did not conflate Baltimore and the border except to state that the congressmen who were accusing the President of inhumane actions re: detention facilities including saying they were not safe for human residency could better do their job as elected officials to take actions to mitigate the abominable conditions in their own district. While the congressmen refuse to appropriate funds to solve some problems at the border, they passed nearly $20 BILLION in federal funds to their district last year alone and no progress in alleviating the horrific conditions.

I do agree that the Roundup generally does an excellent job covering our town, but I do feel that when it comes to the recall issue, it appears evident that they have bent their coverage and verbiage to assist one side. This is to the detriment of the Roundup's excellent reputation.

Phil Mason

Thank you Gary. Telling the truth is the best disinfectant for the misinformation, half-truths and outright lies spun by the demonicrat socialist left wingtip anarchists.

Ted Paulk

Anyone who has listened to Donald Trump since the day he took the escalator down with his paid mob pretending to clap, knows that Trump is a racist...His own words over and over again are proof that DONALD TRUMP IS A RACIST.

If you support Trump, you are supporting racism.

James Wise

A problem with S. Allen's remarks wasn't in the accuracy of her statistics but her regret at the "browning" of America and her apparent fears of what that "browning" must portend. A problem with D. Trump's use of Baltimore's sanitation and crime problems to misdirect attention from border detention center horrors (also denied) was not just its intrinsic flim-flammery but its "dirty black" and "go back where you came from" tropes, especially damning in the context of the President's repeated exercise of such language. A problem with G. Morris's dismissal of Allen/Trump critiques is not just its disregard of these contexts, implications, motivations and consequences but their reduction to mere partisan political differences. A problem with the Roundup printing such a letter without comment is that respecting free speech and reflecting your community doesn't absolve a newspaper of its duties of fairness, objectivity and truthfulness. A problem with my comments here is that they lack passion and any answer. In the end, I agree with G. Morris that "racist" is way too often an unanalytic, overly simplistic, knee-jerk branding that contributes nothing but bad feelings to a discussion. Unfortunately, it seems an almost universal human tendency to attribute the highest of motives to ourselves and the lowest to those who would question our core beliefs.

Phil Mason

Your conflating of the Baltimore and border detention concerns misses the fact that Baltimore is replete with video validation and direct quotes from the residents who have been victims for decades while the border detention charges have been advanced by partisans who are seeking political advantage without documentation. For you to somehow blame the Roundup re: this letter to the editor while ignoring articles printed as news stories that contain half truths and outright misinformation. Your skewed perspective is neither fair, objective nor truthful. You say that comments lack passion or answers when that is demonstrably inaccurate. Answers have been given to the problems infiltrating our society. Border security is the first answer. Enforce the laws on the books is the second answer. The third answer is to highlight the documented truth that the Democrats who now attack the Trump Administration with partisan hyperbole are the same Democrats that wrote and passed for the laws originally. It seems your critique is intrinsic flim-flammery.

Phil Mason

I regret many things including a more isolated community that is somewhat disconnected to every bad thing in the Universe. I regret the loss of a time when the education industry advocated respect for the flag, the Baccalaureate Service, which does not mean that I am focused on attacking atheists. I regret the loss of teaching morals in the schools, but I do not hate the teachers. I really regret the fact that elected officials are now advocating the destruction of everything that America has stood for since its founding. For you to advance the fact that the Roundup should censor a letter to the editor is anti-American and anti First amendment. The Roundup has a very open and inclusive comment policy that allows everyone including you to make any rational comment. It would be improper to insert its comments into a letter to the editor. Last point: Those on the left are the poster people for screeds for "mere partisan political" purposes.

Phil Mason

Gee Ted. Your conclusions are obviously fraught with inaccuracies. First tens of millions have listened to President Trump over the last four years and have come to the conclusion that he is not a racist. His words and, more importantly, his actions confirm that he is not racist. He has offered solutions to the DACA problem, he has championed justice reform, he has reduced unemployment in the black and hispanic communities to an all-time low, he has been the only one to identify and offer solutions to the blight in the minority communities of our major cities. In addition, he has a track record through his business career that has produced total endorsement from the minority employees and sub contractors of his inclusive support of minorities. Your miasmic otiose venal partisan hyperventilation to the contrary.

Ted Paulk

"Donald Trump is not a racist"? Wow! 65% of America disagrees sir. All you have to do is listen to his race baiting...

Phil Mason

Dear Dear Ted, WOuld you please at least come close to stating facts when you throw around partisan rhetoric? The latest poll shows that 49% of Americans do NOT think Trup is a racist in spite of 99% of the socialist left wingtip main stream media and 100% of the communist/socialist democrat candidates filling the airwaves and print media with that false charge. I think that the numbers should actually be worse with the 24/7 media barrage of partisan political calumniation. Trump has actually done more for the minority populations than any President in history with the exception of the Republican Abraham Lincoln. The unemployment rate for blacks and hispanics are the lowest in history. Trump signed an Executive Order establishing the White House Council on Eliminating Barriers to Affordable Housing. Trump created Opportunity Zones directed to minority communities (supported by BET founder Bob Johnson). Trump Executive Order 13828: Reducing Poverty in America by Promoting Opportunity and Economic Mobility There are too many to list, but listen to Dr. Alveda King, or Sen. Tim Scott, or Candace Owens who have personal experiences demonstrating Trump is NOT a racist. Note, I supply specific examples instead of partisan political socialist propaganda with no documentation.

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