They yearn for the ‘good ol’ days’


It appears to me that many of the “MAGA-Types” are white males who would take us back to the “good ol’ days,” the 1950s.

You see, back then the United States did not in the least resemble a pluralistic society. White males ruled, pure and simple. The economically disadvantaged, people of color, women, and those of a different sexual orientation “knew their place” in ‘merica. That “place” was the bottom of society and they knew better than to hope or strive for more.

Over time, however, these marginalized folks began to secure the rights theoretically guaranteed them in our Constitution. That’s right, women, Native Americans, Hispanics, blacks, the economically marginalized and the LGBTQ folks fought to come out of “the closet.” Recognizing that they were individually and collectively people of value, they began to clamor for and achieve a piece of the social, economic, and political pie in the United States. Now look at them! They act like they are as important and valuable as any white American.

Frightened older white dudes find this situation intolerable. They yearn for the “good ol’ days” when the marginalized “knew their place” in ‘merica, and the concepts of political, economic, and social equality were an illusion. Trump has given them hope that we can revert back to the ‘50s, when minorities were kept in check and there was none of this foolishness about equal rights and equal opportunity.

Robert Horne, Pine

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Phil Mason

Actually MAGA folks yearn for the good ol' days when respect for the law was nearly universal. MAGA folks yearn for the good ol' days when the Constitution was applied as written with original intent. MAGA folks yearn for the good ol' days when immigration was always understood to be occurring legally with health and safety concerns a priority. MAGA folks yearn for the good ol' days when elected officials of all stripes declared their love for America, its founders and its exceptionalism. MAGA folks yearn for the good ol' days when government bureaucrats considered themselves as simply employees who were expected to implement the provisions of the law impartially, not translate it for partisan purposes. MAGA folks yearn for the good ol' days when the Constitution was adjudicated in fielty to its original intent and not legislated from the bench. Don't forget that it was Republicans that fought slavery, it was Republicans that passed women's suffrage, it was Republicans that fought for over a decade to pass the Civil Rights Act and it is a Republican today that has created an economy that has resulted in the lowest unemployment rate in history for blacks, for hispanics, for women. It is a Republican that has fought for judicial justice reform and returned manufacturing job to America with the first increase in earnings for the middle class this century. That is because MAGA yearns for the good ol' days when the middle class was the very backbone of American success. Your revised historical banal otiose revisionist screed to the contrary.

Jack Hastings

Amen . I think they all belong to the local Payson Tea Party.

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