Throw ’em a curve

As a 50-year resident of our wonderful state, I’ve frequently chafed under the total domination of Arizona politics by Republicans. Being a registered independent voter, I don’t care which political party is in power, but I do want them to be competent, intelligent, compassionate, qualified, free of conflicts of interest, and as non-partisan as possible.

The GOP majority and monopoly has given us severely underfunded public schools, prisons that are unsafe and in shambles, crumbling roadways, budget talks held in secret, charter school rules that benefit the majority party owners/operators, refusal to even give the ERA a hearing, and unacceptable behavior from far too many of our GOP lawmakers.

Copious corporate tax breaks at the expense of the general Arizona population is favoritism. The three GOP lawmakers that represent us in the Arizona Legislature think alike, vote alike, and toe the party line alike. We deserve better.

While the current Legislature, as many in the past, has thrown itself softballs to hit out of the park for their own benefit, it’s past time to change the pitch selection and throw some curveballs to bring some balance to our state government.

Come November, a different political party in power with new leadership would be a welcome relief from the stale and myopic majority party we’ve had to endure for decades.

I’m hopeful the voting public will vote in a new pitcher and catcher for the opening of the 2020 legislative “season” in January.

Richard K. Meszar, Payson

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Phil Mason

Schools are NOT underfunded, they are under or more accurately mismanaged. Their property tax revenues have gone up by 27% while the student population has decreased by 10%.

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