Time Out deserves council’s support


Your June 28 edition included a letter to the editor from the board of directors of the Payson Time Out Domestic Violence Shelter. The letter described the June 13 Payson Town Council vote to deny a $30,000 city budget item to provide funding assistance for the shelter.

I think most people would agree that personal safety, especially in one’s own home is a basic human need. Not much good will come from a home in which most of the occupants don’t feel safe.

The safety and other assistance provided by the shelter is an absolutely critical public service. In many cases, it is the only viable route of escape for victims of domestic abuse.

The letter says that 70 children were served last year. The long-term effect of violence on young people is well known. The shelter can begin the healing process to reduce the chances that the cycle of violence will be passed on to the next generation.

I am very disappointed in the council’s inaction, especially in a year when tax revenue is up significantly. The $30,000 request is a modest one by any measure, representing just over 2 percent of the shelter’s 2019 $1.4 million dollar budget. Clearly, the shelter has been and continues to be effective in generating financial support from a number of sources.

My opinions on this subject are based on experiences as a career police officer here in Arizona. I realize that budget decisions are some of the most difficult elected representatives must make. However, it is just not reasonable to conclude that this is not a good use of tax money. I respectfully request that the Payson Town Council meet with the board of directors as requested in their letter and formally reconsider their decision to deny funding support for the shelter.

John Buchanan

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(2) comments

Jack Hastings

Unfortunately it was not a Tea Party supported organization. Just wait i am sure a proclamation will surface soon for New Beginnings to get a cut because Tea Party council members are on the board of that one. Sad but true. What has our town become when it can't support needed organizations because they don't meet a political standard?

Jack Hastings

The sad reality is that if it is not a Tea Party sponsored idea or organization it will not be considered regardless of need or want. I strongly believe the unspoken truth of that council meeting is that the Tea Party sponsored business New Beginnings didn't get there cut so all others will be obstructed. Just watch i am certain a resolution to support them first is in the works and will be passed by the T4 . I personally am ashamed of that small group for bending truth and manipulating the public under the guise of working for "ALL" the people and the lie of being "TRANSPARENT" it's all a sham and a lie and most sensible and good things will be pushed off track to satisfy there own odd agenda.

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