Time to re-evaluate capital needs


Perhaps the Payson Town Council in deciding to keep the food tax in place ought to re-visit one councilor’s statement that: “It’s imperative we keep the food tax ... to continue with our capital needs.”

Please councilor explain to us how the 150 linear feet of recently installed sidewalk to nowhere on the road into the event center is a “capital need”? Did you even know about it?

Mention was made by the council that most of the $1.8 million annual food tax is paid by out-of-towners. That’s probably correct and they aren’t the 18 days worth of “holiday people” and what I call the “staged event people.”

No, these are those quaint folk from Tonto Basin, Deer Creek, Gisela, Ox Bow, Round Valley, Tonto Village, Pine, Strawberry, Star Valley, and at least a dozen more who purchase food items at least two days a week.

If it weren’t for these people spending money on other sales tax items Payson and their sidewalks to nowhere would be in deep doo-doo. Reminds me of the town’s one bus bench by the county building back in 2008. Now there was a real “capital need.”

George Demack, Gisela

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Paul Frommelt

George, some awesome points here. Much of the angst felt about our extreme sales tax rates (groceries and others) originates from the fact that the town has wasted so much of our money, for DECADES! It's not just the amount of OUR money they take, It's the way the so freely spend it!

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