Tired of ‘good ole boy’ mentality


I just read the website Toxictom.com and I was just amazed by the author’s liberalism and “cronyism” that has plagued the Town of Payson for years.

As a retired law enforcement officer with 30 years of experience, Republican nominee for sheriff in 2004 and former school board member, I have witnessed the “good ole boy” mentality firsthand. They are afraid of change and losing power. Let’s face it — Barbara Underwood and her entourage, which includes Scott Nossek and most likely the mayor candidate, Jennifer Smith, will keep the town under the “good ole boy” form of government.

I hope you the people of Payson are tired of the same people year after year controlling our local government.

I have worked with Tom Morrissey when I was a detective division commander and he was the No. 2 man in the United States Marshals Service for the District of Arizona. Believe me, in a time of crises, I want him as my mayor. He has been there and done that numerous times.

As for the editor of “toxictom” who accused him of creating hysteria when BLM was threatening to protest in Payson. Well “knucklehead” the residents of Payson will not allow anyone to riot or destroy property in our town. That’s why our founders put the Second Amendment No. 2! If you can’t live with that move to Chicago, maybe you will be much safer there!

I’m supporting Tom Morrissey as my mayor. I’m tired of liberals distorting the truth.

Kim Pound, Payson

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Ted Paulk

Seriously Kim? YOU are saying you approve of armed untrained civilians showing up to challenge protesters? YOU know how many sworn Law Enforcement officers there are in Payson...They don't need the

"help" of a bunch of wannabe cops.

Ex-police Sgt. Ted

Kim Jeffrey Pound

Ex-Sgt Ted, I was not advocating that the protesters be confronted, what I was pointing out that the citizens of Payson were not going to allow these so called protesters to riot and destroy property like they did a few days earlier in Scottsdale.I am well aware of the number of Police Officers at Payson Police Department, about the same number I supervised in my detective division!!!!

Kim Jeffrey Pound

I want to apologize for sounding like Payson Police Department could not handle a crises. That was not my point, Payson Police Department has well trained professional employees who keep us safe everyday. The citizens of Payson are proud of our men and woman in blue who serve. I was trying to convey the point that large city Police Departments are unable to handle the BLM movement that has been infiltrated by ANTIFA. The citizens of Payson who showed up at Bashas were citizens who wanted to show support for law enforcement and ensure that our town would be safe from looting and riots. We have a Mayor who will push back if our town is in harms way!!!

Ted Paulk

These "citizens" who showed up at Bashas bullied a 17 year old girl! And having worked with Reserve Police Volunteers in the past, I'm betting alcohol was consumed by more than one of these folks before arriving to save Payson from a few high school girls. While you're throwing around the word "Antifa", look it up...this a loose group, not organized, who stand up to WHITE SUPREMACISTS.

Don Evans

Exactly. I am not pitching the current Mayor, but I suspect a certain past Mayor who runs the MHA has his lap dogs running with his financial support of them and their professional cleverly cloaked political web site(s) as previously mentioned.

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