Our individual liberties allow citizens of the USA to make choices about their personal health. I choose not to wear a mask and respectfully distance 6 feet or more from others.

Rim Country's businesses are walking a tightrope, staying open in a challenging environment that our country hasn't seen in many decades.

Let's drop the blaming, name-calling and fear and allow others their personal choice.

Tim Williams

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Charles Eby

Indeed, individual liberties allow citizens of the USA to make choices about their personal health. For instance, I choose not to speed on the highway because I might die in a car crash. The added benefit is that I am also less likely to kill others on the road. It's the same with masks. They help protect both you and the people around you. Mask mandates are not much different than speed limits. They both help protect our health and safety.

Phil Mason

I recognize that Democrat progressives hate facts because facts generally destroy their narrative. Case in point: Democrat governors have been the biggest proponents of mandating masks (and lockdowns).

The problem is that 7 of the top nine states with total cases are Democrat ruled, worse is that 11 of the largest NEW cases are occurring in Democrat ruled jurisdictions and 7 of the 9 states with the most deaths are in Democrat states.

Remember these states have consistently been the harshest in locking down churches, closing small businesses, preventing family gatherings, etc.

If their (and seemingly your) draconian anti-constitutional edicts provided health benefits the numbers would so reflect.

The opposite is what the facts show.

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