Re: Trump leads; Dems complain (March 27 Roundup)

So, the Republican hierarchy sends out talking points to their downstream representatives and we get a baffling letter from their guy in Rim Country dutifully toeing the party line that Trump is a heroic and decisive leader.

But not all of us get our news from Trump-only approved sources. Some of us read widely and remember when Republicans challenged Russians, not sucked up to them. Reagan would never have had three different Russian companies pumping out Facebook memes to help win an election. Never.

Any casual observer would notice that in 2018 Trump gutted the pandemic oversight committee (National Security Council Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense) begun by Bush 2 during the Sars (or Ebola) epidemics, thus putting us behind the curve when this current virus hit.

One might also remember how Trump called the virus a “Democratic hoax” a few weeks ago and how it took forever for doctors and staff to convince him that this was a real threat to America.

Oh, and he only Friday initiated his defense powers which he could have done two or three weeks ago.

Last week he was telling us to go back to work by Easter “because it’s such a nice day”! A foolhardy action which could have killed thousands.

According to Mr. Morris, Democrats don’t care about the health and welfare of Americans. Really Mr. Morris? A third of the country doesn’t care? Perhaps hiking isn’t the only place Morris gets lost.

Cindy Smith, Payson

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(2) comments

Jack Handy

Oh, the tolerant left. If you disagree with someone, they're automatically a liar. Apparently we're OK with personal attacks now as it's all too common with certain people, who also coincidentally would like people they don't agree with silenced. Right out of the liberal playbook.

Ted Paulk

Great letter. So tired of seeing the Gila County RNC Chairman's letters saying Democrats hate America. Wish the Roundup would not publish Gary Morris and the rest of these liar's letters. Liberal Vietnam Vet.

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