Jim Ferris in his candidate profile published in the Roundup, June 2018, provided, in part, the following responses:

What do you hope to accomplish? “Transparency.”

What makes you the best candidate? “Experience; values; knowing I work for the people — not the other way around; a compulsive desire to research and study the facts and history behind the issues; and an ability to connect the relevant dots. “I will not let emotions dictate my decisions.”

What is your biggest Strength? Weakness:? “Impatience with emotionally and hastily made decisions that are not well-founded.”

Top 3 issues: Jim’s top issue listed was transparency.

And of course the last question — What motto do you live by? “The golden rule.”

And yet Jim was not willing to share his reasons (beyond being unhappy) why he wanted to fire the town manager nor “his plan” to replace him.

Buddy Ramos

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Phil Mason

This is a confusing rambling disparate article. What is the point?? There does not seem to be any cognitive line of reasoning. I guess if the good ol boys are unhappy that they are no longer calling the shots, just follow the new Democrat game plan of making one personal attack after another without contributing any solutions to the challenges facing us. Jim Ferris is working for the residents and business owners who support a vision of growth and opportunity. Thank you, Mr. Ferris for your service.

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