This is in response to “A once great political party” by Larry Peterson.

Mr. Peterson, please get your facts straight. I volunteered at the Trump Depot in 2020. The Trump Depot and the new Trump Store are not-for-profit stores and the proceeds go to the candidates, not to Donald Trump.

To me, Trump and Trumpism is an ideology more than just a man. Trump ran because he was concerned about the direction our country was heading. He wanted to preserve law and order, protect our borders, keep and build jobs and manufacturing in our country, as well as improve our economy. He tried to fulfill every campaign promise he made, though he was thwarted at every turn. He did not take a salary.

Too many people like to slander Donald Trump by saying he’s a liar, a sleaze, and a traitor, but no one can back it up with fact. Yes, he’s arrogant and very blunt, but I care about the job he did and tried to do for our beloved country. I miss him every day, because he did care about the American people.

Look what we have now and try to tell me we’re better off! Not many citizens feel safe and feel that our president and vice president have our best interests at heart.

Shame on our current administration for comparing January 6th with Pearl Harbor and 9/11! Shame on them for not recognizing and punishing those involved in the rioting and burning across our country, instead of ignoring it!

I am educated, not a tavern-drinker, or gullible. I’m also a Republican and a Christian.

Allyn Deifenbaugh, Payson

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(5) comments

Dave Golembewski

Allyn your a well spoken patriotic American 🇺🇸

Don Manthe

Again, your definition of patriotism should not include people involved and charged with anti-democratic insurrection and seditious conspiracy......

Ted Paulk


Trump lost...

Joe Biden won.

Joe won Arizona...

Paul Frommelt

And finally, a word form our Scottsdale gadfly

Paul Frommelt

And finally, a reply from our Scottsdale gadfly.

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