As the coronavirus pandemic rolls across the country, President Trump has taken unprecedented action to slow the spread of the virus at a pace unseen by past presidents.

In late December, first reports of the corona epidemic in China surfaced. The first U.S. case was diagnosed on Jan. 21 in Washington state. As additional cases spread to other states, Trump declared on Jan. 31 a public health emergency, and on March 13, the president escalated the government’s response with the declaration of a national emergency. These declarations were faster than any previous pandemic emergencies.

The first declaration also imposed a travel ban on any travel from China and with the second declaration, travel from Europe was severely restricted. A health-related travel ban had never been imposed by any U.S. president.

We now know that Trump’s early travel bans will save thousands of lives.

But Democrats resist and complain. Former Vice President Joe Biden called the president’s travel ban on China “hysterical, xenophobia ... and fear mongering.” Many other Democrats, and a wave of media, called him a “racist.” And when the president called the disease the “Chinese virus” he again was called a racist.

And when Trump expressed deep concern about the expanding epidemic during his State of the Union address, Speaker Pelosi tore up her copy of the speech.

In contrast to Trump’s swift and decisive action, when the swine flu was first detected in California in April 2009, President Obama waited to late October to declare a national emergency. Sixty million Americans caught the flu and up to 18,050 died.

On Sunday night, Republicans and Democrats nearly had an agreement on a major financial relief bill that would have provided emergency cash for working Americans who lost their jobs in a matter of days ... until Nancy Pelosi rushed in with new blackmail demands such as omission regulations on aircraft engines, demanding a union member on corporation’s board of directors. None of which had any relationship to the crisis.

This best illustrates that Democrats do not really care about the health and welfare of Americans ... they only care about keeping power!

Trump is leading the largest national effort ever to fight the coronavirus and has mobilized the industrial sector like never before. This will save many lives.

When major corporations across the country, who are intense competitors, will come together to fight the virus, wouldn’t it be nice if the Democrats stopped resisting anything Trump and join his team to fight this deadly disease?

Gary Morris, Gila County Republican Party chair

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(3) comments

Paul Frommelt

Oh Ted. You crack me up!

Jack Handy

Never Trumpers are always good for a laugh. Can't let facts get in the way of what their TV tells them. I didn't see anything that was a lie. Then again, the anti-Trump people were too engaged with the phony impeachment when this started.

A simple Google, or the search engine of one's choice, search would reveal what the MSM had to say about Coronavirus when President Trump was attempting to curb the spread in January. They called it a hoax and suggested the flu was of much greater concern. President Trump's actions have been praised, even from across the aisle. More pesky facts.

It's as if nobody on the left realizes how easy it is to find what they said, did, published, etc. with a simple search. Facts just get in the way.

Ted Paulk

Gary Morris posts more lies in a short rant than Donald Trump does in 5 minutes.

Why does the Roundup publish these lies without verification?

Trump did not acknowledge the Coronavirus was a problem until two weeks ago and we know what a terrible job Trump has done...contradicting his own Medical Advisers and lying and lying and lying...Just like Mr. Morris.


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