Wow! Today, Tuesday, a letter was posted in the Roundup by an 85-year-old veteran condemning Joe Biden and praising Donald Trump for his role in supporting American troops and veterans.

Perhaps the writer missed the part about Trump taking $3.3 billion from the VA last month to build the “Wall.”

Trump also took $2.5 billion from the military in the past for this same wall.

Trump tried to take billions more from our military but was stopped by the courts. So far only five miles of NEW wall have been erected.

Both of Biden’s sons volunteered to serve in our military.

Trump’s sons only “contribution” to American veterans was to start a fake charity purported to “help veterans.” The same charity that was closed and fined $2 million dollars by the state of New York. It is now illegal for the Trumps to have any more “charities.”

This 85-year-old vet writes that he can’t understand how any veteran can support Joe Biden.

Sir, did you see that Russia is paying bounties to the Taliban for killing American soldiers? Did you also see that Trump calls this official intelligence “fake news” and refuses to even discuss this with Vladimir Putin?

Trump called John McCain a loser and now denies it, even though he is on tape saying those very words.

Trump disparaged the Gold Star Khan family publicly again and again.

What kind of person does this? Rhetorical, of course.

Trump is jealous of anyone who ever served; and it shows.

Well brother, I’m a 75-year-old veteran and I cannot understand how you, or any veteran or active duty American, can have any feeling for Trump other than loathing and disgust.

Ted Paulk, Vietnam veteran

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Don Evans

I do respect our "legitimate" veterans and support them. But I have got to say I'm getting sick and tired of having to cut my legs off the minute someone claims prior military service. Like their citizenship is more valid than anyone else's or their opinions on political matters should carry more weight than mine. Half the people out running around in public with their military patch baseball caps are phony's.

Jack Handy

Ted, Ted, Ted.

We already covered the glorious service record of Hunter Biden. That one amazing month before failing a drug test and being booted was amazing I'm sure.

As far as the rest, you lost me at the 5 miles of "new" wall as now we're playing semantics, as usual. Replacing a failing, easily breached wall, or a barbed wire fence certainly counts, but those facts only get in the way.


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