Trump’s actions are treasonous


Dale Oestmann’s letter to the editor in Friday’s Roundup categorized all of the Democratic candidates of treason for supposedly advocating for open borders, immigrant amnesty, and shredding the Second Amendment to our Constitution.

The definition of treason is “the crime of betraying one’s country by attempting to overthrow the government.” Nothing I have heard these candidates say is “attempting to overthrow our government.” What they are advocating for are changes to our laws and policies and they have this right whether you like their ideas or not.

What Mr. Oestmann doesn’t talk about is the fact that President Trump has publicly committed treason by supporting Russia (President Putin) and disparaging our CIA. It is an uncontestable fact that Russia interfered with our last presidential election to Trump’s benefit. This interference is clearly documented by the CIA and special prosecutor Mueller’s indictment of 16 Russian operatives. Yet President Trump says he has no reason not to believe Mr. Putin when he says they didn’t interfere. REALLY? President Trump sets our country’s national policy and siding with Russia on this matter over the CIA is clearly treasonous! Telling Putin not to do that again on television and laughing about it was an insult to the American people!

Dean Martinson, Payson

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Jack Hastings

Phil Mason : Deflector in Charge

Phil Mason

Right! Combating lies by listing DOCUMENTED truth is deflecting. If telling the truth supported by documentation and citations is deflecting, I am proud to deflect the lies of the opposition. Only an anti-Trump Demonicrat would have the temerity to put such a twisted fantasy in print (of course only when using a sobriquet)

Meria Heller


Phil Mason

PS: Mueller did indict 13 Russian operatives - his report specifically states that those operatives began their actions in 2014 (under Obama). Mueller, indictments were for attempting to “sow discord in the U.S. political system, including the 2016 presidential election,” WITH NO COLLUSION ON THE PART OF "ANY AMERICAN." I presume even you will admit that President Trump is an American and therefore specifically cleared with those words.

Phil Mason

There is only one President that has a proven record of selling out to Putin and that was Barack Hussein Obama via the mistakenly open mike where he whispered to the Russian President Medvedev to tell Putin that Obama would be more flexible after his re-election. That was worse than any election faux crisis as Obama was going to sell out on missile defense. In addition, there was only one Presidential candidate who conspired with the Russians through a $160,000 funding of Fusion GPS for the now proven false Steel Dossier. Also, remember when Bill Clinton Was Paid $500,000 to Speak in Russia, at the same time as when Hillary Opposed State Dept. Sanctions against Russia. After the former president gave the speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin called him to say thanks. More shoes to drop on this one. I recommend that you drop the treason attacks as they are boomeranging daily.

Jack Hastings


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