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Friday, May 14 an opinion was published on page 4 entitled, “Standing for truth in politics.” The writer said Donald Trump “is not a Christian.” Did he tell her that? I’m confused since he immediately reinstated National Prayer Day, which had been canceled by President Obama during his first year in office.

I like “truth in politics” if they can be verified. Many months ago, Nancy Pelosi told us on national TV that she was a “devout Catholic.” Again, I’m confused since her political party supports free choice abortion, funding Planned Parenthood with my tax dollars and they deal in the trafficking of fetal body parts. That is a fact you can hang your hat on. It can be verified in documentation from the Food & Drug Administration, as the buyer. (Judicial Watch press release, 04/01/2021 – Judicial Watch vs. U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, No. 1:19-cv-00876).

God bless the United States, our freedom of religion and please don’t forget Donald.

Suzanne Jones

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Dave Golembewski

I don’t think 🤔 Biden or Pelosi follow the Catholic Church at all they just use the church for more votes to push their liberal socialist agenda and fill their own pockets . 🙏 They are just hypocritical politicians not Saints .

Ted Paulk

How do "Socialist" programs like Social Security, Education, Medicare, and good infrastructure fill Biden's and Pelosi's pockets?

Trump "Charities" and Trump University might be better examples of your bogus charges.

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