About two years ago the Roundup published my letter stating our nation’s two-party system was dead ... over with. At that time I felt a third party would be better. I still believe the two-party is dead. Clearly it’s not working for the betterment of our nation. Both parties carry on like two drunks in a bar fight.

You think Payson has potholes in our streets? Our American political parties have sinkholes in their behavior. The Senate will not agree with the House and vice-versa. Our nation’s democracy is in undeniable jeopardy.

Republicans spread lies and refuse to accept Trump lost the election. Democrats want to spend money like it grows on trees. Having a third party will not solve these problems. Why do Republicans continue to embrace Trump? There’s only one answer ... money. Think about it.

We desperately need a two-party system that works. It did in WWII. How do we do that now? You put a two-term limit on senators and house reps. That’s nothing new ... our presidents have a two-term limit. Could be a problem getting a two-term limit into law. If the Senate and House have to agree on this change ... well, their not going to cut their own necks off. This may require a nationwide vote. Just imagine, no more time spent (and wasted) by politicians soliciting donations for themselves or their party on the taxpayers’ dime. They might even get some really good work done during their second and final term.

And while I have your ear, what’s going on with this move to make voting increasingly difficult? This is an outrageous attack on the American “one person one vote” credence. It is a complete turn around from what all our citizens deserve and embrace. It’s the cornerstone of our democracy.

Paul Penning, Payson

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