U.S. reducing carbon emissions


I have some interesting news on carbon emissions. The USA leads the world in actually reducing carbon emissions. We beat the self flagellating Europeans by a country mile. And this under the Trump administration. Hummm, How come? Well, natural gas has a lot to do with it. We now use nice, clean natural gas a whole lot more than before. Trump and fracking did this for us.

China continues to build lower tech coal-fired plants, lots of them. China puts out more carbon into the air than the USA. China puts out more carbon than Germany or the UK. It puts out more carbon than France or India or Indonesia. In fact China puts out more carbon than the USA, France, Germany, Britain, Indonesia and India combined. More than all of them all together.

Please keep that in mind the next time the Democrats tell you that you will kill the planet if you use soda straws. If the Democrats were concerned about the planet they would address the issue in a serious way. Typical Democrat Party solutions to our problems either do nothing to actually solve the problem but make them feel good or do nothing to solve the problem and make the party stronger. Hummm.

Andy McKinney, Star Valley

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Phil Mason

Great insight with facts, not fake news talking points from the left. We have indeed reduced total emissions by 17% while socialist/communist China has increased their emissions by over 70% supported by increases by Russia, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Another round of failure by the socialist regimes.

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