Until it happens to you


The COVID-19 virus is currently sweeping through Arizona killing large numbers of residents at warp speed. Our federal government has told the American people, “It is not our job to test. It is the state’s job to do that. You think it is our job to stand out on the corners and test?” I personally called to get myself tested and was referred to a Banner number and was told that they were currently out and I should call back to check. I’d been told previously, “Every person who wanted a test could receive one.” I’m still waiting.

Arizona was “opened up,” which means bars, restaurants, shopping and other interface businesses were given “the green light.” At that time masks were not required. It did not take long before cases of testing positive for the virus revealed astronomical numbers. The governor then announced that mayors of towns and cities were given the authority to make decisions regarding their individual town/city response to wearing or not wearing masks. It appeared to me that the buck was passed from federal, to state, to local principalities. It was then decided by our mayor to mandate that masks be worn by all residents outside of their homes.

Some residents are in agreement with the mayor and some residents are outraged citing that “I can’t breathe in one of those masks.” Still others have stated that they have a medical note from their doctor indicating their medical reason to not wear masks.

In my opinion, as a “law and order” citizen, if the governor and the mayor mandates (which means orders or commands) residents of their states of cities that masks be worn, then that is what I will do. Personally, I have been social distancing and wearing a facial mask when outside of my home since mid-March. The medical community and researchers have shown that when those directions are followed, the cases go down, however, when not followed cases increase.

I care enough for others to wear a mask because that is the purpose — protect others. Some people view wearing a mask as an imposition to their individual freedom; others view wearing a mask as a political statement. Those who wear masks are liberal/progressive and those who don’t are supporting the present administration and being defiant, a rebel. What? A virus does not care who you are or what your political views are! What to do? What does mandate mean? Then I remembered the conversation I had with my 40-year-old son who was skeptical about wearing a mask and the seriousness of the virus. I am 30 years older than he is. I said to him, “Until it happens to you” — meaning until someone you know and love becomes ill and perhaps dies then and only then will you take this virus seriously. He became quiet and thought about it in those terms. He now wears a mask and thinks of others rather than himself in doing so. I am so proud!

Bettie Julkes

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Jack Handy

The numbers don't support the argument made. There are 7.3MM people in AZ, and even if we call it 100K that have tested positive, that's 1.3% of the population. Of that percentage, under 2% have died. Either way, this panicdemic is better than 98% survivable. Much better than the flu and others that have not gotten the attention.

If you're not comfortable going out in public, then don't go out in public. If you think that a mask will help, then wear a mask. Just don't pick up a book on microbiology and start studying bacteria sizes, in microns, as you'll be shocked to learn that the old t-shirt you're wearing as a mask isn't going to help you in the least.

Best thing you can do at this point is turn off your TV, stop watching the news, and get busy living. Nobody gets out alive.


Paul Frommelt

I could certainly support actions that actually may help stem the tide. Common sense personal hygiene, some social distancing when possible, and avoiding crowds will help. But these masks do absolutely nothing to block something as tiny as a virus, which is a minuscule fraction the size of a bacteria. It's a bit like trying to catch water in a sieve. I personally don't believe in placebos, which is what masks seem to represent. If it make you feel better to wear one, then by all means do so. Just understand their limitations. The very saddest fact in all this that is seldom brought up is herd immunity, and how we achieve that. Until we are all exposed to this virus, and are able to develop immunity through the creation of natural antibodies, the best we can hope to achieve is a flattening of the curve. But considering we are now testing nearly 8 times as many people as we were just a few weeks ago, the sensationalists will have everyone believe the pandemic is getting worse.

Bob Stampf

We are somewhat insulated up here until the weekend comes and everyone wants to escape the insane city of Phoenix. I don't blame them, I probably would do the same. I would bet the majority of people walking around without a mask on the weekends are from there. Problem is the vast majority of cases are in/from Maricopa County and they bring the virus with them.

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