Allow me to clarify the arguments about Covid vaccinations: Insurance = security for self, loved ones, and business. Expensive. Covid vaccinations = security for self, loved ones, and business. Free. Please choose.

Note: Political views are irrelevant if you wind up in the hospital. Or dead.

Randy Mynard, Payson

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Jeff Robbins

I got my vaccine to honor the legacy of our President Donald J Trump

President Trump has wholeheartedly endorsed getting vaccinated against COVID-19, members of his base should be trampling one another to get a shot the moment they were available, as if the jabs were deeply discounted 62-inch flat-screen TVs on Black Friday.

President Donald J. Trump and his wife, Melania, received coronavirus vaccinations in January before leaving the White House

Trump said during many random interviews that he “would recommend” getting inoculated

Trump came out, in public at rallies, and told his supporters to get their shots.

I recommend: Take the vaccines. I did it—it’s good,” he said.

Mr. Trump appeared at the CPAC political conference in Orlando, Fla.

“Everyone should go get your shot,” Mr. Trump said during the speech.

“The vaccines do work,” he said on the “John Fredericks Show,” a conservative talk radio program. “And they are effective. So, here’s my thing: I think I saved millions and millions of lives around the world. We would have had another Spanish flu.”

“And now countries are using our vaccines, and it’s tremendous,” Trump added. “It’s tremendously successful.”

Trump, who held a rally in Cullman, Alabama about 50 miles north of Birmingham, touted to rally goers that the three vaccines – Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson – were developed in under nine months during his presidency. He then suggested that they get the vaccine.

Trump said he knows many people personally who have died of the coronavirus and praised his administration for the role he says it played in making vaccines available earlier than expected.

“I’m very proud of it. I saved millions of lives —

Mr. Trump authorized Operation Warp Speed, the $10 billion public/private partnership to spur development and production of vaccines and bust through regulatory barriers.

Its success is the signature accomplishment of his presidency.

Those who believe Mr. Trump to be among the greatest of American presidents should honor his legacy by rolling up their sleeves.

Surprisingly huge swaths of Republicans choose not to get a lifesaving vaccine and outlets peddle all manner of misinformation about vaccines, like that they aren’t necessary and are in fact liberal plots

Steve Brule

In 2020 I lost my grandmother a staunch trump supporters antivaxxer and conspiracy theorist. Eight months later my mother died or covid as well. Both were Republicans who believed this is part of some Democrat scheme to do god only knows. I got vaccinated in February because my wife has a compromised immune system and trust science. I've had people all around me get sick while I stayed masked up and vaccinated. Those who choose to stay unvaccinated are costing our economy millions of dollars and at this point those of us who have been good are done with you. Get vaccinated or don't but if you get sick stay home and die you don't deserve a spot at the hospital.

Paul Frommelt

Steve, I'm not sure what your point is. If you are vaccinated, you must surely be safe from the unvaccinated, because that's what a true "vaccine" does. Right?

Bill Dalton

The number and types of mutations of covid are still on going. To assume that the vaccinated or masked are safe is just that an assumption and we all know assumption is the mother of all mistakes.

Don Manthe

Steve's point is in his letter. The unvaccinated is costing the economy and America billions of dollars in cost and uncertainty...🙄

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