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Over 40 years ago, my family and I moved to Payson. We have seen Payson transition from a community of barely 2,000 residents and no traffic lights to our current population with a Walmart Super Store and Home Depot.

During these years Payson has experienced, in my opinion, slow but steady growth. I believe the citizens who have served on the town council have, for the most part, had the best interests of the community in mind as they made their decisions on behalf of the town.

There have always been relative newcomers to the area who have run for office on a platform of “keep Payson as it is,” but in general, I believe the town council has done a good job and is deserving of our thanks for the hard work and countless hours they have given to the community.

The residents of Payson are now being asked to vote on two propositions that will seriously undermine the ability of the town government to do its job. I am a little dismayed that members of the Tea Party seem to support these propositions. They should know better. Our Founding Fathers gave this country a republic, not a democracy. Why is this important? When any decision is before the town council, each council member can go to the town staff to do research on the proposal. In addition, there are numerous resources available to the council by county and state organizations. After the “due diligence,” each council member then votes as he or she feels appropriate.

If Propositions 401 and 402 are enacted, the town council will be stripped of much of its authority, and we will literally have “mob rule.” Critical decisions affecting the entire community will be made by the side that can generate the most effective propaganda, regardless of the truth. Politics will replace ethics and professionalism. All we have to do to see how bad it can get is to turn on the TV to see so called “news” organizations spewing their biased and one-sided “spin” of what they want us to believe is news.

I encourage everyone who can vote to reject these ill-conceived and poorly drafted propositions. No other municipality in Arizona has passed anything like these propositions and for good reason. They are bad. We all have a remedy if we don’t like what our government officials do and that is to vote them out of office. Until then, we need to let them do their job.

Art Lloyd

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Jeffrey Aal

The August 14th letter from Mr. Lloyd stated: “No other municipality in Arizona has passed anything like these propositions and for good reason.” Mr. Lloyd would be incorrect.

We have previously discussed prior similar initiatives. A link to that discussion is here:

James Wise

"Mob rule"? Seriously? I bet not. While I agree that town representatives deserve thanks for their efforts, I can't get past the fact that none of them (with their "numerous resources" including a paid "staff to do research") devoted a few of their "countless hours" and some of their "due diligence" to making a case against 401 and 402 in the public information pamphlet mailed to eligible voters. All I saw were big blank spaces. Should 401 pass, I hope that they'll act differently on issues put to a vote.

Paul Frommelt

Art, you are correct when stating that "we are a republic" But the Republic breaks down when elected officials do not keep their promises made, when running for office. Promises like "I will never raise taxes without a vote of the people" and "I will run for one term only" and "I will always listen to the people first". And it is also true, that the council members DO have the ability to go to town staff for information. The question they? And shouldn't they also do their own independent research? Or do they simply take for granted what they are being told during sales pitches by outsiders and non-residents? The system is definitely broken, when a massive $43 MILLION project, that would fundamentally change our community for decades, is never given a chance at the ballot box. "Town Hall" meetings were never designed as sales pitches, for decisions already made in private!

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