Voucher expansion will undermine community


Communities like ours are more tightly-knit than the big cities. Proposition 305 universal ESA voucher expansion is set to undermine the foundation of our community by striking at our public schools, and that’s why I encourage everyone to vote no.

If passed, Proposition 305’s so-called “Empowerment Scholarship Accounts” will expand a small voucher program designed to help special needs children to all Arizona students. Unfortunately, Proposition 305 pays for the vouchers by taking money from public schools to subsidize tuition at pricey private schools. Despite Arizona’s prohibition against tax dollars paying for religious education, Proposition 305 would sidestep that and allow our public school’s funding to be diverted to parochial schools. The voucher funds could also be used to pay for a range of educational materials at the parents’ discretion, making the program rife for abuse.

Living here in Payson can feel wonderfully isolated from the rest of the world, but there are many issues on the ballot this election that will impact us. Proposition 305 is one that will hit our community hard. Please vote no on Proposition 305.

Dawn Proudfoot

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