It’s time to talk about water. It’s much too precious a commodity to be vague about. In the state of Arizona, water is more precious than gold.

More trees are disappearing from the corner of Granite Dells and Mud Springs as I write this letter. I’m hoping for the best, but wondering where the water will come from to charge and recharge this lake. Mr. Cleland and Ms. Smith assure us that, “None of the water used for the lake will deplete local water tables, instead coming from municipal sources.” Ms. Smith also informed me, “We have a number of wells on the property.”

As a resident living downstream from the project, this is a sensitive subject. Mr. Cleland also stated, “The lake will recharge its water from two streams,” and for the life of me, I can’t recall one stream on the property, unless we are in the middle of a monsoon.

Everyone likes to see water and be able to have access to it, but can we talk about its source please? Will some of our reclaimed water be piped to this lake? Will some of the water coming from Blue Ridge be directed to this lake? Green Valley Park has a beautiful lake and has lush grass, all because of reclaimed water. Can you do the same for the lake and grass at Granite Dells Park? Only then will the use of this much water be realistic.

Has an agreement been made with the city for this assistance? Or is this a dream that, “hopefully,” will be worked out down the road? MHA has a history of not having all of their ducks in order. The people of Payson have a vested interest in what is to be done with our money and ask for transparency instead of pipe dreams.

A couple months ago when I stopped and asked about the proposed lake and the remaining trees on Granite Dells, Ms. Smith assured me the remaining trees along the road would be a greenbelt and would remain there. We are losing our greenbelt. Native trees take forever to become mature. Please preserve our native greenbelt and inform the folks of Payson where the water for this proposed lake will originate. We families below you on the water table trust that you will use municipal sources for your water supply as promised.

Roger Rohrbach, Payson

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Paul Frommelt

It seems as though any time a project is envisioned by the main cast of players also in this project, facts are never forthcoming. "Municipal Sources" are exactly as implied..."Payson" will be the water source. And going from "future home of ASU" to, a road to nowhere, is indicative of the thought processes here. Are there any? Now we have a driveway going to nothing, trees disappearing, and a large barren hole where a lake is supposed to go, with no water source being clarified. No, CC Cragin water cannot be used for this lake. That's not what the contract with SRP was written for. So a good question. "Where is the water coming from"?

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