We are all one


Someone asked me how I would choose to inspire others if I had that power. Maybe it’s a question we could all ask ourselves.

I would like to inspire people to expect better from our leaders on both sides, to use empathy over judgment, to listen with respect and speak with integrity,. to realize that we are all one. Your beautiful soul is just as valuable and loved by God as mine and every soul in this country and those living in countries all over the world.

This president encourages us to act out of fear and distrust. It’s grown into a hundred different “us” and “them” wars with each other. We are distrustful and afraid of Mexico, Muslims, women’s rights, gun laws, people of color, our ecologically dying planet, nuclear weapons of war, and the list grows bigger and bigger every day. Now both parties are re-acting in chaos and division.

Our leaders are not the bottom line here. WE the people can inspire America to be united again and respectful of the rest of the world ... OUR WORLD. If the ship goes down, we ALL sink with it.

We can learn from this chaos. We are still the same Americans who came together with strength, patriotism, and spirituality after the tragedy of 911 at the World Trade Center. People from all over the world died there. People from all over the world came together. We no longer have the right to set ourselves apart from each other or from our world.

Kathleen Kelly, Payson

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(2) comments

Jack Hastings

That is exactly why our town is facing a recall of the town leadership.The People recognize the dysfunction currently and would like an impartial town we could be proud of.

Phil Mason

The Roundup Poll says that 70% recognize your mendacious rants for what they are. You remind me of my first child when he laid on the floor and kicked his heels because he did not get what he wanted. My wife and I solved that selfish attitude prior to his first birthday, it seems you never got the necessary attitude adjustment.

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