We are taxed enough


I am responding to the “Tea Party conservatives shedding crocodile tears” guest comment on Tuesday, March 26.

One of the most prominent Democrats in Rim Country launched a desperate, emotional (crocodile tears), unfounded attack on the Tea Party, of which I am the acting president. She called our response to the food tax discussion “fabricated concern for the poor for what it is: a manufactured ‘issue’ and a demonstrable lie. This is hypocrisy that is lavish in scale and blatant in its transparency.”

That’s right, that’s what Democrats do, they attack the person instead of fixing the issue. She did however manage to wave the flag to justify higher taxes as most Democrats do. She has no sympathy for the single mothers in Rim Country who pay more for the food they put in their children’s mouths due to the tax.

Talk about fabricated: This is the party who ran a two-year long witch hunt which included wire taps on a presidential campaign biased on a document bought, paid for and fabricated by minions of Hillary Clinton.

Talk about manufactured: This is the party that responds to the opioid crisis by demanding open borders. 30,000 hits of Fentanyl were nabbed this week at the Mexico-Arizona border. Not to mention the thousands of illegal entrants that we will be paying higher taxes to support.

Talk about demonstrable lies: This is the party whose Virginia governor approved the killing of newborn babies if “the doctors and parents approved.” Ordinary people know that this is murder.

Talk about lavish hypocrisy: Now we know just how she feels about the plight of single moms in Rim Country. To paraphrase Queen Marie Antoinette, Let them pay food taxes.

I think we are taxed enough already, don’t you?

Yours in the eternal struggle for liberty.

Shirley Dye, acting president Payson Tea Party

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Charles Eby

The dishonesty of this letter astonishes me.

1) I've read enough Letters to the Editor here in Payson to know that Tea Party members are just as likely to attack the person rather than fix the issue.

2) There were no wiretaps of the Trump campaign.

3) The "witch hunt" was instigated by Trump appointee Rod Rosenstein, not the Democratic Party.

4) The Steele Dossier was originated by Republicans during the campaign to try to keep the nomination from Trump.

5) I have never heard any Democrat favor "open borders".

6) Illegal immigrants do not qualify for federal benefits such as Food Stamps, Medicare, or welfare.

7) Abortion is fully legal in this country.

I have never met Shirley Dye, but she has done very little to earn my respect.

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