We have to stop taxing ourselves


I am writing today to thank the members of the liberal community in Payson and surrounds who responded to my letter to the editor in opposition to the Democratic desire to keep and maintain the Payson food tax.

I want to thank them for being relatively polite, and especially for unwittingly confirming the fact that cutting taxes do not cause deficits or increase the national debt: Excessive government spending on socialist programs that destroy our right to keep what we earn and, in the process, destroy the personal liberties of the people our nation was founded to preserve and protect, is what causes deficits and increases the national debt.

Liberals should be reminded that our Constitution specifically prohibited direct taxation of the people at Article I, Section 9, Clause 4, and thanks to that provision and a monetary system of gold and silver coin rather than units of the national debt, our nation was the economic powerhouse of the world for 130 years. The lowliest unskilled laborer could earn enough to put his kids through high school and his kids could put their kids through college and so forth: There was a constant upward mobility from ditch-digger to captains of industry.

We are still an economic powerhouse, but headed downhill into ultimate socialist bankruptcy. We have to stop taxing ourselves into the poorhouse, but we need to stop giving away our economic production to foreign countries that hate us, to illegals invading us, and to socialists robbing us.

Donald L. Cline, Star Valley

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