I am running for Arizona Senate to stand up to the socialists, defend Arizona from crime and illegal immigration, defend our great police officers, protect our unborn babies, and stand up for our conservative values.

I hate what the Marxists are doing to our great nation and understand that they are the enemy of freedom-loving people.

I am not backed by any PACs, lobbyists or special interests. 100% of my donations come from conservatives and Trump supporters, and most of my donations are $5-$50 just like President Trump’s. I work for no one but you.

The swamp and the Democrats are terrified that I am going to win, because I will stand up to them for you (which is why they are smearing me with lies and slander).

I don’t care about them, I care about you and the hardworking people of our district and ask for your vote. Together we can take back this state and help President Trump win in November. Thank you. Lt. Col. (ret) Wendy Rogers out.

Wendy Rogers, Flagstaff

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Ellen Ferreira

Through her letter, Wendy Rogers is choosing to set the wrong tone for the upcoming election. I’m hoping we can press a “reset” button on that.

Her letter demonizes, through slander and name calling, anyone who doesn’t think the same way she does. The good, hardworking people across LD 6 are tired of attack ads and slurs that only stoke fear and hatred, instead of focusing on how to make our daily lives better. No where does she say a word about what she proposes to do if elected (maybe that's because as a Tempe resident, she doesn't understand what the local needs are?).

I appreciate that Colonel (Ret.) Felicia French is a 3rd generation Arizonan, and nurse, who wants to take her 32+ years of military service and experience to run a campaign on the values we all share, like making sure every kid gets to go to a good public school, no matter where they live, or that everyone should be have access to quality and affordable healthcare—even in rural areas.

As a voter in this district, I am challenging Wendy to discuss her plans to improve my life and the lives of my neighbors. How we will fix education and health care and bring high-paying, stable jobs here? Let’s nip the name calling in the bud and move forward. I want to hear about real solutions, not tired political cliches about opponents.

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