What do they have in common?


Payson Town Council and the federal government. Besides inciting chaos, what do these two entities have in common? They’re both run by Tea Party Republicans.

Deborah Paulk, Payson

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Jack Hastings

The Mayor and the current council are so busy satisfying some unfounded vendetta against Kenny Evans and the SLE that they have forgotten their responsibilities to run our town.Talk about the swamp and Good ole boys certainly applies to them. They aren't clearing the swamp they are adding to it.

Phil Mason

OMG Anyone who thinks that the swamp in Washington DC is run by tea party activists should quickly seek intervention or education. That statement alone would have been prime material for Judy Carne on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. The chaos has been created by those out of power who want to regain power by any means necessary to include damaging the very entities they say they care about.

Paul Frommelt

Phil, the last name of the author is all you need to know, when wondering where in the heck this assumption came from!

Jack Hastings

Under the current leadership our town council resembles a 3rd world country.The unqualified dysfunction of this group sickens.Their actions remind us of a time when Germany had a problem.

Phil Mason

To ?????, At least have the ability to bring something other than a carbon copy of your bombinations from other articles. Try being creative and bring an insight to the discussion that would be thought provoking - oops, I forgot I was responding to a pseudonym, not a real person.

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