SHOCKING! The Biden White House now admits to colluding with Facebook to censor opposing views. Press Secretary Jen Psaki, speaking to the press, stated, “We’re flagging problematic posts on Facebook that spreads disinformation … and we are in regular touch with these social media platforms … through members of our senior staff …”

WOW! The Biden White House just admitted they are directing the flagging effort and colluding with Facebook and other social media “platforms” (plural — more than one) to censor Americans’ speech and to restrict what you can hear, read, or say.

The extraordinary censoring power of these corporations is most egregious and can have major impact on your life and the direction of the country.

The power and influence of these corporations is illustrated by Facebook’s conscious and intentional decision to withhold the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop data just before the November elections — control of information! Once the election was over, and the story became well known, a poll found that one in six voters would have changed their vote had they read the story. I’m sorry to say that corporations can neutralize your vote. Only we the people should get to vote, not corporations!

The First Amendment protected free speech generally applies only to government and prevents government officials from censoring free speech. It becomes a violation of the Constitution when government colludes with, or “directs” corporations to become “state actors” for the government to limit your and my speech.

The 1996 Communications Decency Act, Section 230, (3) (2) gave these social media platforms immunity in managing postings — meaning you and I can’t sue them for censoring our posts — for any reason. Thus, they have extraordinary power over free speech and tremendous influence over the direction of the country!

That is until they collude with, or accept, direction from a government entity! The U.S. Supreme Court has previously ruled in favor of the First Amendment when corporations become state actors.

The Republican Party strongly supports the First Amendment and believes there should be more free and open speech, not censored speech.

Democrats have long complained about the United States Constitution. It’s in their way to absolute power. This acknowledgment of censorship collusion by Biden administration is a significant blunder on their part. It delivered major fodder to President Trump’s lawsuit, and many others that will surely follow, and should.

Gary P. Morris, chairman, Gila Country Republican Committee

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(3) comments

Dave Golembewski

NICE opinion at first i thought it was in the ROUNDUP news section . IT is TRUTH and should make FRONT PAGE NEWS

Steve Brule

All you had to write was "I support anti vaxxers and people who spread false information about covid."

Don Manthe

And "Joe Biden really isn't President"

And "those Capitol Police officers are lying to Congress" .......🙄🙄

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