WHY? WHY? Why is Trump, the leader of the Divided States of America? Why is he suddenly declaring that wearing a mask is patriotic? It’s all about the election, not about the American people. His lies are catching up to him and he’s going to lose the election because of his absolutely criminal denial of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Up until today the deaths of our heroic medical professionals and over 150,000+ Americans in just four months has not been an issue for him. He is our modern day Scrooge. “Let them die and decrease the surplus population.”

He insisted that COVID-19 is a hoax and a Democratic ploy. He told people that masks don’t matter and refused to wear one himself and even went so far as to encourage others to support him by NOT wearing a mask!

He suggested that we try drinking cleaning fluid. He asked that we “slow the testing down” and told us that testing is a waste of time. He has even lied about the numbers saying that we are the lowest in the world with the highest amount of testing for COVID-19!

Wait, there’s more! Not only is Trump responsible for the overwhelming number of COVID-19 deaths, but we are now living through other atrocities. Why is Trump supporting white supremacists and exploiting Black Lives Matters peaceful protests by fueling the fires of hate and violence.

Why does Trump have the blood of our bravest of the brave on his hands? Trump knew A YEAR AGO that his Russian friend, Putin, put a bounty on our Afghanistan soldiers!

WHY? Why have we looked the other way and made excuses for him? We have already paid such a heavy price at the cost of so many precious American lives. We are no longer the UNITED States! Why are we at the brink of a Civil War? Why have we lost the respect and support of the rest of the world? Why is he still even allowed to hold the title of leader? Why do we refuse to see where he has led us? WHY?

Kathleen Kelly, Payson

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Jack Handy

So, there isn't enough time to even begin to respond to this one, so we'll try a different approach here.

Ms. Kelly, can you tell us what you like about former VP Biden? Specifically, all of the great things that he's done for the minorities in his nearing 50 years in public office?


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