Women’s bodies being used as political football


Women have a tough enough life as it is. We righteously shame, blame, and criminalize what a woman chooses to do with her body when she is bringing a child in this world, which already has put women’s lives in jeopardy.

Ironically, women have somehow come to believe, after years of struggle and oppression, that YOU have no right to HER body. You have every right to your opinion but no rights, in the America I believe in, to force your opinion on others.

Everything is being used as a political football: sexual expression, religious choices, cultural expression, prejudices, and the list is getting bigger every day. Now women’s bodies are being used as a political football by BOTH sides!

Aren’t women already facing enough challenges? The most difficult choices she makes about bringing a baby into this world is daunting and, yes, even dangerous. But we abandon her once the baby comes into this world! Women and children, right here in our county, are facing devastating poverty, homelessness, inadequate and financially broken school systems, overwhelmed medical facilities and unattainable medical care.

America’s health and death rate of pregnant women and their babies is the highest in the world! Where is our fierce righteous dedication, compassion, judgment, and laws when we need them to protect our innocent?

Let’s be truly active PRO-LIFE supporters. Focus on the problems ... not the political chaos.

Kathleen Kelly, Payson

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Joseph Clift

"Women's bodies" - and what about the unborn women? It's nothing more than a "choice" to kill an unborn human being for daring to interrupt someone's irresponsible and selfish life. Yes. Irresponsible. No sex - no pregnancy. Protected sex - no pregnancy. Once pregnant, accept the responsibility that nature affords us for the propagation of the species. And get the male that shared in the "good times" to accept his fair share of the action, too. Why do the innocent bystanders always pay for someone else's bad choices?

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