Kirk Russell Crankbaits contributed

Handcrafted Kirk Russell Signature Crankbaits are a great inexpensive gift idea for the angler on your Christmas list.

If you have lived long enough one can remember when $10 could buy something special especially when there is a tight budget, or a youngster trying to buy for parents, brothers, or sisters.

Well, the sports editor of the Roundup, Keith Morris, said it couldn’t be done. I begged to differ, and took the challenge of trying to find something for the outdoors person who might enjoy fishing, hunting, or hiking in the Rim Country.

What would be a unique gift for the angler who enjoyed fishing for bass or trout? This past year, I wrote an article about hand-crafted and painted crankbaits created by a local fishing enthusiast, Kirk Russell.

He has made several baits I tested on local waters for bass and trout and found these lures to be very effective in catching fish. The artistry and preciseness is amazingly accurate in matching the existing natural baits that game fish feed on.

The price for his crankbaits $7.50 and every angler would be happy to have a spot in their tackle box for one of his lures.

Call Kirk at 928-978-0441 to find out more about his assortment of crankbaits.

Then, the fly-fishing addict who may have every gadget dangling from his fishing vest came to mind. What does he or she not have?

How about hand-tied flies from an Arizona artist whose baits have a proven track record locally and in the White Mountains? An assortment of three or four flies on a card would be perfect and yes, again for about $10.

Dry Creek Outfitters of Tucson are experts in fly-fishing and have a team who make the flies in their shop which catch trout on the Arizona high country lakes and streams. The owner, Eric Loeffler at 520-326-7847, will gladly help you in choosing the right flies.

The hunting outdoorsman or outdoorswoman is more difficult because most products for guns and archery can be pricey.

Browsing the displays at the local stores, I found two items that would be a welcome addition for anyone in the hunting world.

A camo fleece face mask and headgear made by Carhartt is a part of my hunting wardrobe on cold mornings in the Arizona high country, always keeping my face warm on those early morning quad rides. They are on sale this Christmas season for less than $10 and are a great buy.

Now, for the person who enjoys a hike on one of our many trails in the area, there is always a need for a simple first aid kit. In the sporting goods department of Walmart or Big 5 there are first aid kits assembled for the basic needs of a day pack for those minor mishaps which may occur.

By adding a book of matches in a sealed airtight Ziploc, one is more prepared for an unexpected delay or injury. I have multiple backpacks for a variety of uses and each one has a simple first aid kit which is a must for everyone going to the woods.

Another inexpensive gift which is a welcome addition for anyone who enjoys the outdoors is a flashlight which is lightweight and compact enough to be stored in any backpack compartment. I make it a point to always have a backup headlamp or flashlight, just in case of a malfunction or the need for more light.

The inexpensive outdoor gift may take a bit of pondering knowing who you are buying for and what are their interests. Browsing the sporting goods section may give you additional ideas for the angler, hunter, or trail hiker.

This week, good luck shopping, and I hope you get your limit or put that tag on the right gift. Remember, He is the reason for the season.

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