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The Payson Roundup welcomes letters to the editor from readers. Our guidelines:

Length: 400 words or fewer

Required: Writer’s name, address, town and a phone number where he or she can be reached to verify authorship. (Only the writer’s name and town will be published).

Frequency: Writers may be limited to one published letter every 30 days depending on space.

Editing: All letters are subject to editing for length, style and content. Publication is at our discretion, and we do not guarantee every letter will appear in print or online. We also do not guarantee a publication date. The Roundup reserves the right to withhold letters found to be objectionable or otherwise inappropriate. Letters should stick to issues and avoid personal attacks.

What we won’t publish: Anonymous letters, form letters generated by advocacy groups, letters that we can determine were published elsewhere, so-called “open” letters addressed to a third party, such as an elected representative. We discourage letters with multiple author signatures.

How to submit: We prefer letters be sent to us by email at editor@payson.com.

When submitting a hand-written letter, please be sure the writing is legible and that the author’s printed name, hometown and phone number are included.

By submitting letters, poems, or other creative works, you grant the Roundup a nonexclusive license to publish, copy and distribute your work, while acknowledging that you are the author of the work.

Good deeds letters: Letters thanking someone publicly for a good deed are published periodically. They should be sent to editor@payson.com. The same requirements for letters to the editor must be followed for good deeds.

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