Some of them don’t run as fast as they used to.

But you don’t have to run fast if you hit the ball over the fence.

And several former Payson High softball stars proved they can still do that as the offenses ruled the day during the Payson High Alumni Softball Games at Payson High on Saturday.

Payson High varsity softball coach Curtis Johnson hopes it turns into an annual event. Players pay a small fee to participate, and the money goes to support the PHS softball program.

They had enough women participate that they split them into three teams, with each playing two time-limit games.

Most of the women who participated wore purple “Band of Sisters” T-shirts. And it was clear that it really didn’t matter which team they wound up playing on, they were thrilled to be back on the field they once roamed.

“This has been great,” said Johnson between innings of the final game. “A lot of these ladies can still play pretty good. They’re having a lot of fun.”

The coach said the idea to hold the event comes from a desire to build the program.

“Our coaching staff and some of our parents came up with the idea,” Johnson said.

“We’re starting to build the culture where what they did years ago matters.”

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